Hot air ballons are very rare and not many people know much about them. We constantly get a lot of questions about them and about how they work. Here we are going to try to answer to some of the most common questions our clients ask usually ask.

¿How does a hot air balloon works?

Hot air balloons work, as their very name indicates, with hot air. The air inside remains at a temperature of 90º-100ºC due to the action of its large propane burners. Those burners are located in the upper part of the basket and are activated by the pilot in orther to keep the proper temperature inside during the flight.

¿Can you steer a balloon?

Hot air balloons, just as soap bubbles, are carried by the wind and there is no way of steering left or right. The pilot, throw the action of the burners, can go up and donw and look for the different layers of air that might help him reach his goals. Every balloon has a retrievement team donw in the ground that follows it and will be close to it by landing time. They will help packing the ballon once the flight is over. Hot air balloons can not land in the same place thay take off.

¿Why do balloons flight so early in the morning?

Hot air balloons are very light aircrafts and they notice very much any metheorological variation. Due to this, they need very specific conditions, especially for the taking off. The wind needs to be calmed and this usually happens early in the morning. Also, they appreciate fresh temperatures, so the moment when the sun hasn't warmed up the land yet is perfect. 

¿Does the basket moves during the flight?

Unlike it is commonlly believed, hot air balloon flights are extremely calmed. There's no kind of movement and air can't be felt during the flight as you go in it. Passengers are frequently surprised by the pleasent sensation hot air balloon flights offer.

¿Can anybody fly?

Limitations are set by weather conditions. In a good day (90% of the times) very young children and people over 80 years old can perfectly fly. In case of children is recomended that thay are at least 1m30cm so they can see outside the basket.