Activity Program
Activity Program

Activity Program

  • Pre-flight meeting: First time in the morning we'll meet at Alannia Costa Blanca Resort and we'll decide the starting point for the flight depending on the weather conditions of the day.
  • Inflating of the balloon: All together (if you want to cooperate) we'll get the balloon ready. This can be really impressing!
  • The Flight: In the hour that the flight lasts you will live a very emotional experience: you will discover the rich countryside of Alicante province, just by the mediterranean, where the pomegrenade, lemon and olive trees share the place with autoctonal and protected palm trees. All together forms an amazing ladscape with unforgetable scenes. We'll be floating silently over all this, just like birds. On the ground our support team will follow us to meet us as soon as we land.
  • Picnic in our palm tree field: After the flight we'll have a very anticipated picnic while we see the pictures and videos that our pilots made for you during the flight. To celebrate this special experience your pilot will offer you a glass of champagne and a flight certificate.
  • Back to the meeting point: After the picnic we'll bring you back to Alannia Costa Blanca Resort where your car will be. If your flight includes a SPA session now would be the time to ask our crew for your tickets and go enjoy it.



  • What is the best time in the year to fly? Any time of the year with good weather is perfect for flying. The balloon needs no wind nor rain and we get this kind of weather all year long. In fact, winter time is, very contrary to what many people might think, a really good choice: meeting time is around 9 (oppposite to 7 in summer), cold is not an issue and the landscape is more beautiful than any other time in the year.
  • Timetable of the activity: The flights take place necessarily in the morning, due to the soft winds that we find that time in the day and that the balloon needs. The complete activity lasts 3 hours more or less, from 7:30 am to 11 am in summer and from 9 am to 12 am in winter.
  • Feelings during the flight: Unlike is usually believed, the flight is extremely smooth and quiet. There is no feeling of movement, there is no wind (we go in it) and the feeling of ascending and descending is minimum. Also the basket goes up to your chest wich gives you a nice feeling of safety. You will be pleasantly surprised and we assure you that you'll be able to fully enjoy your flight.
  • Clothing: Your clothing should be the same as if you were going for a hike outdoors: confortable clothes, closed shoes and a hat. The temperature during the flight is the same than on the ground so do not dress like if you were going skying.
  • Balloon's capacity: They have capacities for 2, 4, 8 and 13 passengers.
  • About AEROGLOBO: Aeroglobo has been flying since 1986 and it is the very first company that started flying in all the spanish south-east area. Our company ir registered in AESA (Aerial Safety National Agency) and all their balloons and pilots are under the regulations of this statement.